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Diet restaurants: light menu, diet recipes, dietetic meals

Wellness spa in Italy
Wellness spa in ItalyDiet Restaurants

The philosophy of this restaurant can be summarized in 3 adjectives: intense, light, and balanced. Created with extreme care in the choices of its ingredients -this is the central idea behind Nadia's cuisine and the consistency of its quality.

It is a great, classic Venetian restaurant existing since 1921 run by the Baldi family (today reaching the family's third generation) and has a very central location, elegant ambiance and professional service.

GUIDO - Costiglile d'Asti
The excellent qualities of this restaurant are not only its prime quality of ingredients but also the research put into the fine selection of products hard to find in today's times. In addition, the technique followed although simple are close to perfection. What's makes the difference is the serene and relaxing atmosphere, true elegance and professional and impeccable service, sincere warmth in the way each client is treated.

The restaurant "La Voliera" in Borgo la Bagnaia offers a variety of typical Tuscan dishes and the unique scenery of the Siena countryside, with a view that will take your breath away. The la carte menu of the resort's La Voliera restaurant includes a number of 'light' options for both spa and non spa guests. The chef's winning policy is that - if the primary ingredients used are of the highest quality, are same day fresh, and are cooked with the finest olive oil it has to be good for you!

LA PINETA –  Marina di BibbonaLA PINETA – Marina di Bibbona
Fine ambience, tables well spaced from each other and elegantly set, between which the personnel serve punctually and discretely. Seafood cuisine always rigorously fresh, tasteful and light made with ingredients of high quality. The wine list is of great importance, above all its wine labels from the coast.

La Trattoria Toscana view by Alain Ducasse offers a traditional Tuscan cuisine: demanding, yet simple and authentic. It relies on the purity and balance of the ingredients, and gives the ultimate refinement of subtle conjugations. The wine list includes the best nectars in the Italian wine palette. The Villa restaurant opens for breakfast as well as light lunch and for dinner.

The rich and varied menu is based on the Mediterranean cuisine with a particular attention to the typical culinary traditions of Tuscany, and features international dishes as well. Provided with a non-smoker section, this renowned restaurant overlooks the thermal spring and the park. The chef Pierluigi Marani, with his diverse and creative menus interprets with expertise the defining and sincere tastes from the Tuscan and Mediterranean tradition, respecting the well being and correct nutritional balance in each plate.

TOMBOLO  RESORT- Marina di CastagnetoTOMBOLO RESORT- Marina di Castagneto
Like everything at the Tombolo Talasso Resort, the restaurant assures its Guests quality, variety and tradition. With its adjoining Wine Bar lounge and the large outdoor terrace overlooking the sea, the ground floor Restaurant is the ideal environment to discover and taste the art of the local cuisine combined with Mediterranean and International flavours . Low calorie recipes are available too, in agreement with the wellness philosophy of this Lifestyle Resort. To go along with these natural recipes the restaurant offers its guests a wide selection of national and international wines of the highest quality.

VISSANI – Baschi
In no other restaurant in Italy does one eat like this. This is the necessary introduction in order to understand the uniqueness of this location that is able to surprise everyone. One comes here for an unforgettable gastronomical experience, to try a cuisine that cannot be compared to any other.

CAINO –  MontemeranoCAINO – Montemerano
It is a venture to get up here, but once you do in this fairy-tale tranquility of this antique Maremman village you will be welcomed into this reign of Cain, a small eno-gastronomic oasis where time and space lose their dimensions in order to give you moments of absolute happiness.

The restaurant of Moreno and Mariella Cedroni proposes an enthusiastic and unique cuisine, fresh and light, with preparations and combinations untouched. Curiousness, richness and variety of the choices makes it difficult to choose and they will suggest to take numerous little tasting dishes.

OSTERIA DI PASSIGNANO – Badia a Passignano
Famous restaurant owned by the Antinori family, great wine producers all over Italy. An elegant ambience right by the church of Passignano, where one can taste an excellent Tuscan cuisine revisted by the chef Marcello Crini. It is possible to do olive oil tastings.

DON ALFONSO 1890 –  Sant’Agata sui due golfiDON ALFONSO 1890 – Sant’Agata sui due golfi
Restaurant of extremely high level, where the cuisine yet sublime, is still growing. Its wine cellar with a cave close to a spring well, where its cheeses are seasoned is a must-see. The chef Alfonso is dedicated to the lightness of its dishes, a great merit.


Completely immersed in the green countryside, right by the sea, this restaurant became the preferred place by the gourmets in the area. The cuisine is Mediterranean and you can taste it sitting on the splendid terrace or on one of their indoor tables well set.

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