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Wellness spa in Italy
Stays in Florence or Capri
Wellness spa in Italy
Wellness spa in Italy
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Wellness spa in Italy
Wellness spa in Italy

Beauty and wellness treatments in the most exclusive SPA in Italy.

Wellness spa in Italy
Wellness spa in ItalyStays in Florence, Capri

Also making this a must tourist destination is the glorious art and sculpture that flourishes from the legacy of various artists from all over Italy. Developed from the second Renaissance, Florence boasts some of the most heart-warming and perfect art you will ever set your eyes on. Moreover Florence and surroundings are a special destination to discover unique works of art as also for entertainment in shopping in the prestigious shopping area of important Italian and foreign griffe, or looking for bargains in the many outlets available .

Florence and its hills
Stays in Florence or CapriThis land is full of artistic heritage and culture for tourists to explore, that you would not get bored. From an unusual visit to Botticelli’s Venus, to strolling through Lorenzo il Magnifico’s gardens and exploring the unknown neighborhoods of old Florentia, you will be led through the history of the city from its roman origins to its medieval growth and Renaissance splendors.
There are also an abundant of sensual sights and experiences that one can see and feel, ranging from the many vineyards and olive groves, to the medieval villages. The style of the towns is also phenomenal, with places like Renaissance square, ancient theatres and complex city architecture.
Florence and its hills are also an ideal destination for lovers of good food thanks to its wholesome cuisine. Every center can boast its own specialty. Also know for its wonderful vineyards, the Italian made Chianti wine has caught the attention of wine lover’s worldwide. The Chianti hills feature long rows of vines alternated with olive groves and rugged oak woods. To enjoy yourself, there are tours of wineries, rustic farm houses, cooking courses and folk events and festivals of medieval origin. 


Stays in Florence or CapriThe Oldest and Hidden Museums - guided tour of Florence's unknown museums.
There are museums in the old town center that few tourist guides will show you. Many are interesting not only for the objects displayed but also for the architecture, the furniture, and the guiding philosophy behind the museum.

Shopping in Florence - the Best of Florence Artisans and the Ancient Shops.
Spend an afternoon seeing the best that Florence has to offer. Your local guide will help you find the most exquisite items from local Florentine artisans. The very best in Italian leather goods, gold jewellery, ceramics, silver, shoes, Florentine papers and hand made linens. We can see a private leather designers showroom, visit some of the newest clothing designers and some of the oldest merchants with generations of experience in jewellery. We can also sample Italian delicacies at a gastronomia and learn about local products.
A walking tour will also shed light on Florence's historical stores. The mid-1800s was a period when Florence was the capital of Italy, and the city saw the birth of elegant cafés, markets, fashion boutiques, and beauty stores which are still in business today.

Cruising in Chianti - a guided tour of the abbeys and castles - Wine tasting
Stays in Florence or CapriThe wines of Chianti are becoming more famous by the year and more and more often do they appear on international tables. You will have a nice drive through the beautiful countryside, enjoying the views and hearing about the history of this enchanting region. A one-day cultural adventure will feature the Chianti landscape, which will be viewed from an historical perspective. The itinerary will cross the Tuscan countryside. Grapes and olives cultivations, Romanic "pievi" and castles represent the main elements of this "giant garden" created over the centuries. You will visit by private appointment a very well know winery. Your day will end sitting around a table sipping a selection of the best wines of the estate, chatting with the owner or the wine expert.

Day trip to the Outlets
Why pay retail prices for your favourite Italian brand names such as Prada, Gucci, Cavalli, Fendi, Armani and much more? Depart Florence with your own personal driver for a half or full day of shopping.

Regency recommanded RESTAURANTS
Stays in Florence or CapriTarga Bistrot Restaurants - Florence
Passion and enthusiasm, culture and a little "savoir faire" are the main ingredients of Caffè Concerto's formula.
How can one describe BISTROT TARGA’s cooking? There are lines of thought. Gabriel’s, in his role as Executive Chef. The crew perceive them, assimilate them and use them to give full rein to their creativity. Generous, in continuous evolution in keeping with the changing aromas, watchful of the colours of the flavours. But, although very “inspired”, no-one loses that cultural notion of continuously changing tastes, customs and times. So here, for example, with a ladle of passion, a pinch of salt and a touch of irony, a simple dish of spaghetti with tomato sauce reigns over all!

Arnolfo Restaurants - Colle Val d’Elsa
Guests are treated to unforgettable gastronomic delights in this historic restaurant, deep in the heart of the hills of Chianti.
Here, the taste for creativity and the desire to safeguard tradition are masterly portrayed in offerings of mediterranean brilliance - all prepared here, using the finest ingredients.

La Tenda Rossa Restaurants Cerbaia
This small hamlet - in the soft hills of the Chianti area - welcomes guests with warm familiarity but professional delicacy.
The drawing room with its light colours and soft lighting is embellished by bronze suclptures by the artist Garzanti.
La Tenda Rossa offers a mixture of tradition and creativity in a constant quest for dishes which identify and enhance the wonderful produce of the area, together with a vast choice of fine wines from the rich wine-cellar.

Stays in Florence or CapriSince Roman times, the unparalleled natural beauty of Capri has captured the imagination of travelers. Explore the magnificent villas of Emperor Tiberius, who succeeded Caesar Augustus. Visit the legendary Blue Grotto, made famous by Lord Byron. Regency Group, with its choice of walking tours and boat tours, art & archaeology tours, offers you not only the most convenient and luxurious way to visit this picturesque island but also leads you to the sights most tourists never discover. Experience Capri's breathtaking scenery, interesting history and the unrivaled Italian lifestyle up close and personal.

Known for its beauty and wonder, the Isle of Capri fascinates all tourists who travel there. There is not a lot of history here, but the principle tourist attraction is the island itself. One of the loveliest destinations in Italy, its romantic atmosphere and magnificent surroundings will capture a place in your heart forever. It’s views; the rocky shores, the beautiful landscape and its scenic charm are what Capri is known for. Some other highlights of the isle are, the Marina Piccola, the Marina Grande, and the Blue Grotto in Anacapri for which Capri is world renowned. Meals are in local taverns which feature island specialties such as mozzarella grilled between lemon leaves, the day’s fresh fish catch, followed by the homemade lemon liqueur, limoncello.

Our proposal combines cultural activities with walking tours through Capri and along the Amalfi Coast and is designed to get you behind the scenes on the island, including its best restaurants, lively cafes and famous night-life.

Stays in Florence or CapriIsland Walking Tours
During our owner-led island walks, you will discover the secrets of Capri as we explore narrow paths leading to magnificent gardens and breathtaking views.

Private Boat Tour
Capri has a dramatic coastline which can only be appreciated by sea..We highly recommend a delightful boat tour around the island to discover the natural beauty of Capri. We will see the famous Faraglioni rocks, the Natural Arch, and, weather permitting, you will have the option of visiting the legendary Blue Grotto.

Art & Archaeology
During your Art & Archaeology trip, you will be sojourning in the Campania region of Italy which is rich in ancient Greek & Roman art and archaeology. To prepare you for your excursions to the ruins of Pompeii, Paestum, and to the National Archaeology Museum in Naples, we will provide a talk on the history of the region, its art and archaeology.

Amalfi Coast Tour
The Amalfi coastline is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and stunning in the world. With its picturesque and spectacular landscape and scenery, this mountainous coastline is a must see for all tourists going to Italy. Tourists can experience the beauty of the coast by taking part in scenic walks or driving tours. Here you can enjoy the pace of Italian life, savour a delicious meal and take part in the beauty that this wonderful place has to offer. Other destinations to visit are the Duomo, the Cathedral or the civic museum.

Shopping in Capri – A unique experience!
Stays in Florence or CapriCapri povides the most wonderful setting in wich to indulge in one of the contemporary travellers’ favourite pursuits. Whether searching for the latest designer outfit, an exclusive piece of jewellery, made to measure sandals, or a hand woven garment; the narrow streets of Capri and Anacapri are brimful of small of boutiques and craftsmen’s workshops where the visitor can admire and acquire the best of both Italian and local products. A marvellous opportunity to witnness the making of those traditional products for wich the island is famous.

Regency recommanded RESTAURANTS
Il Quisi Restaurant - Capri
Stays in Florence or CapriWith its sophisticated and elegant décor, the Quisi restaurant welcomes you for an exclusive candlelit dinner of light and imaginative Mediterranean cuisine. If you want to spend a memorable evening with someone special, the Qsuisi offers you an exceptional menu created by the talent of Giannicola Colucci, the executive chef. The restaurant manager and wine expert, Aldo D'Errico, will assist you in selecting from among a range of 750 national and international brands of fine wines. Be assured that a visit to the Quisi is a guarantee of exclusivity, quality and good taste.

La Fontelina Restaurant - Capri
La Fontelina of Capri is one of the most beautiful and exclusive bathing establishments in the world, but it is also a place - a magical place. Here at the feet of the famous Faraglioni, nature is at its best: the colors of the sea and the reflections of the rocks are glorified amidst the silence, great and powerful. It is also a historical place, where Roman emperors once made it a place of leisure and delight. The Arcucci and Gargiulo families have passionately and lovingly maintained la Fontelina for over half a century, caring for every detail. Their hospitality is proverbial, their cuisine is unique and unforgettable. Open only for lunch from mid-April to October. International, local and original cuisine. Shuttle Service: To Marina Piccola every afternoon, sea conditions permitting.

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