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Wellness spa in Italy

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Wellness spa in Italy
Wellness spa in ItalyStays in relaxing places

Looking to discover an Italy rarely visited by tourists? Want to experience real Italian life and local culture?
All of us travel widely across Italy, not only for work but also for pleasure. The beauty and the variety of the country is something we have come to enjoy and would like to share with you, especially those of you who are looking beyond the classic tourist destinations.

Stays in Relaxing PlacesOur goal is to provide you  with unique, intellectually stimulating tours with excellent value for the soul. Our proposal for your relaxing stay in Italy is The Etruscan Coast .
The Etruscan Coast
The heart of Italy resides in Tuscany. The landscapes and scenery are beautiful and magnificent, and are alone worth the visit. Coastal pine woods stretch out behind a coastline made of long beaches broken by jagged rocks; ancient Roman roads framed by elegant needle cedars wind along the rolling hills.
The coast running northwards from the Argentario is called the Etruscan Coast. It stretches from the port of Piombino and the ferry to Elba, to Livorno just south of Pisa, a distance of 90 km. The coast is a series of almost uninterrupted beaches and the sea breezes make it ideal for sailing and windsurfing.
The are many good hotels – as Grand Hotel Tombolo - that are excellent base for those who wish to spend some time visiting the medieval towns and the areas of artistic and cultural relevance of this part of Tuscany. On the hills and facing the sea, or immersed in pinewoods and forests, the villages of the Etruscan Coast have century old origins and traditions. Their small stone roads will guide you among ancient churches, castles, buildings, museums and theatres to discover this enchanting culture.

ART TOWNS                       
Stays in Relaxing PlacesThe area of Castagneto Carducci offers a multitude of different landscapes: a countryside scattered with villas, farmhouses and estates, soft hills in the typical Tuscan shades, small medieval towns, and immense pinewoods reaching out to touch the sea. Castagneto Carducci is a town full of tradition. Its old village clusters around the Conti della Gherardesca Castle through a circular system of roads and is well-preserved and rich in historical remains which can be admired while strolling among the tight stone-paved alleys, the small squares and the charming ancient buildings.
You reach Bolgheri by the Viale dei Cipressi, a beautiful shady road lined with cypresses, sung in a famous poem by Giosuè Carducci, and enter the village by an ancient brick arch. The Castle of Bolgheri has a charm all of its own: through the years, the town has preserved its original architecture and everything is as if time had stopped. Only the ever-changing colours of the countryside all around measure the cycle of the seasons.
The town of Suvereto rises on a hill not far from the sea and is among the oldest villages of the Conia Valley. The first settlements date back to the end of the Roman Empire when the coastal communities where forced to move to the hills to escape danger. The centre of the town still maintains its historical and artistic value and a authentically medieval atmosphere.

We offer the possibility to discover this part of Tuscany through visits to natural parks, archaeological sites and wineries combined with wine tastings. If you wish to explore this beautiful sea, it coast and its Archipelago, excursions by ferry or boat are easily available.
Here are some of our the recommended itineraries:

Tuscan Archipelago and Elba Island
Stays in Relaxing PlacesThe National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago is a protected, terrestrial area of just under eighteen thousand hectares, and a marine area of approximately sixty thousand hectares - the largest European marine park. It is comprised of seven main islands - Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Gorgona, Pianosa, Giannutri and Montecristo - and several smaller islets and rocks: Ogliera, Scoglio della Triglia,Corbella, the Gemini Island, Ortano, Isola dei Topi, Isole della Cappa, La Scarpa, La Scola, La Peraiola, Lo Scoglio d'Africa and many others. When the Tyrrhenian Venus emerged from the waves of the sea, seven gemstones fell from her tiara, and so the Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago were born. This is the ancient legend of the birth of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Naturalistic Jewel of Bolgheri
A naturalistic jewel and the first WWF wildlife refuge in Italy. This internationally recognised wetland is home to thousands of aquatic birds from November to May. The Bolgheri marshes – whose beauty can best be appreciated watching from the observation hides or following the boardwalks laid over the water – are situated between a dense pinewood and a wide beach, in an area of dunes and tombolos.

Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia
The area of Populonia is of great cultural and archeological interest because the Etruscan rests are distributed on a large area of the gulf. After the creation of the Archeologial Park, a system has been developed which now allows the visitor to learn more about this civilization's history. The Visit Centre of San Cerbone is equipped with a information, signs and video-projections and gives at the beginning of the excursion a complete overview of the Etruscan civilization in Populonia. The Experimental Centre of Archaeology gives information on the old ceramics and stone working and on the simulation of archaeological excavations. The visit to the necropolis, from the sea to the hills, follows paths into the Mediterranean maquis and overlooking the wonderful sea of the gulf of Baratti which exalts the beauty of nature adding another pleasure to the visit.

Stays in Relaxing PlacesAlso know for its wonderful vineyards, the Etruscan Coast Wine Route has caught the attention of wine lover’s worldwide. To enjoy yourself better, there are tours of wineries, rustic farm houses, cooking courses and folk events and festivals. 
The Etruscan Coast Wine Route winds its way through silvery olive trees, farms, vineyards, wine cellars, churches and castles in the evocative setting of hills and cypresses on one side and the sea on the other, to discover tastes and products of this beautiful countryside. The route runs parallel to the Tyrrhenian coastline winding its way down from the hills surrounding the valley of the River Cecina to the Gulf of Piombino, and after a brief sea crossing continues on the island of Elba. The white sandy beaches and unspoilt blue sea are characteristic of this coastal paradise.
It is here that Bolgheri DOC wines are produced – world-class wines such as Sassicaia, Guado al Tasso and Ornellaia as well as numerous others of the highest quality. This "Eldorado of Italian wine" as it has been called, is the result of nature's generosity, the climate and the talent of its wine makers. Bolgheri has become one of the most interesting and gifted areas in the whole universe of wine thanks to some illuminated personages, among such as Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, the oenologist Giacomo Tachis and the Marchesi Piero and Ludovico Antinori.
In addition to wine, the extra-vergin olive oil produced here is of the highest quality and blends in perfectly with the territory .

Regency recommanded restaurants:

La Pineta Restaurant - Marina di Bibbona
Stays in Relaxing PlacesHarmoniously positioned in a privileged location on the beautiful Marina di Bibbona beach, the LA PINETA restaurant offers thorough service in every season in highly elegant, refined surroundings. Moreover, the professional courtesy of Signor Luciano and the meticulously prepared cuisine mean it unquestionably qualifies as a high-ranking member of the group of restaurants along the Etruscan coast. The top quality and freshness of the produce used are a source of pride. The same could be said of the careful balance of flavours, tradition and, at the same time, the pursuit of new pleasing sensations. Dishes feature seafood specialities with fish caught just in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The wine cellar is extremely well stocked, with some of the most prestigious labels from Italy and abroad.

Gambero RossoRestaurant San Vincenzo
The recent history of this restaurant is enhanced by the calm presence of the Tyrrhenian sea which guests can see through the bright glass window in the dining room. Yet the exquisite dishes which have earned the restaurant international prestige, also come from inland, and include sophisticated combinations of flavours. Every recipe is a gastronomic experience made with the natural passion for creating good food

Da  Caino Restaurant Montemerano
There's a relaxed, country atmosphere to this small family restaurant located in the medieval village of Montemerano. There's a relaxed, country atmosphere to this smali family restaurant. Owner Maurizio Menichetti takes care of the service and the wine cellar. His wife, Valeria Piccini, is in charge of the kitchen. The food is outstanding. It is 100 percent cucina Toscana. Traditional antipasti include small pieces of toast with chicken liver páté and tripe salad with beans, olive oil and thyme; among the classic main courses are grilled sliced steak covered with truffles and roasted lamb with a confit of garlic. The Chef  Piccini gives a light touch to everything she does. She cares deeply about her ingredients, and attempts to source the best of everything, from local pecorino cheese and seasonal vegetables to hand-raised lamb.

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